Bentech Bentonite is a 6.4mm thick GCL membrane, comprised of woven and non-woven geotextile, with a thick layer of natural sodium bentonite in the centre. Fibers of the two geotextiles are interlocked by a patented needle-punching process which encapsulates the natural sodium bentonite, keeping it evenly distributed between the two layers of geotextile. We also offer an HDPE GCL, which is bonded to the thick non-woven geotextile. 

By choosing Bentech Bentonite, you can be assured that you are purchasing a tried and tested, Codemark Certified product that comes with a full 20 year material warranty. 

NOTE: The Codemark Certification scheme is managed by New Zealand's Department of Building and Housing, surpassing Auckland Council Product Register requirements.


Bentech Bentonite Products